The fastest, easiest way to generate critical, data-driven analysis to support your most challenging clinical trial decisions.

  • iTrials statistics Study feasibility. Site identification. Enrollment and retention projections. Investigarot histories.
    All in minutes.
  • iTrials statistics 60M+ Patients...
    1.5M+ Providers...
    120,000+ Active Investigators...
    500B+ Data Points...
  • iTrials information The largest privately held database of longitudinal health histories in the country. Diagnoses, treatments, locations, payers, financials, referrals, outcomes, prescriptions, labs, and more.

Provisio, Inc. is the home of iTrials DirectConnect™, the fastest, easiest way to generate critical, data-driven analysis to support your most challenging clinical trial decisions. Powered by the iTrials Data Universeā„¢ of over 60 million health histories, DirectConnect gives you the ability to identify and isolate eligible patient populations based on diagnoses and treatment histories, age, gender, location, prescription history and other factors, along with a suite of analytical tools including:

  • Patient density analysis tools (GIS/Geo)
  • Diagnosis and treatment histories
  • Financial metrics - payer, out of pocket, practice revenues
  • Breakouts: Age, Gender, Location, Media Market, more
  • Health Plan Metrics: Patients, Providers, Revenues
  • Referral patterns and metrics
  • Place of service data: ambulance, ER, facility information, etc.
  • Office visits: diagnosis, treatments, prescribing patterns, standard of care data
  • High density practices - find concentrations of eligible patients and providers with extensive experience treating exactly the disease states you're investigating.
  • GEO/GIS Visualization - create regional and nationwide maps depicting exactly where every patient, provider, practice and facility are located.
  • Find Investigators - identify the investigators with the specialties you're interested in who have trial experience - all integrated with current FDA Blacklist/Whitelist data.
  • Trial Feasibility - project enrollment and attrition rates across all of your sites - 6 months, 1 year, even 2 years into the future!

All of this functionality is available in real-time to all DirectConnect subscribers through a suite of analytics that Provisio/iTrials have been developing and using since 2003. These reports are designed to be simple to run, simple to understand, and to provide the deep business intelligence you need to keep your trial on track in minutes, instead of days or weeks.

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The DirectConnect platform was built from the ground up to fully comply with all HIPAA and other associated regulations, as well as FDA and OIG directives regarding data security and compliance while delivering critical business intelligence in record time:

  • HIPAA certified. HITECH conformal.
  • Integrated with United States Census data.
  • Powerful context search capabilities suggests codes in real time during protocol translation.
  • Fast results - build a nationwide patient population in less than an hour!
  • Results available by spreadsheet, CSV, or in real time in your browser.
  • Professional Services Group (PSG) available to assist in all facets of your clinical study, from protocol translation to feasibility to outreach to enrollment support, and on into post marketing surveillance.

iTrials DirectConnect is a secure, certified, standards-compliant data and analysis platform that can deliver critical business intelligence rapidly - information that can mean the difference between successfully meeting randomization goals and saving millions of dollars, or closing it all down and writing it all off.

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  • Protocol Selection
  • Data Pool Selection
  • ICD9/10 Code Management

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Case Studies

Provisio was formed in 2003 in Nashville, Tennessee, to address the continuing problem of finding qualified patients and investigators for clinical trials. Since that time, we've worked with hundreds of clients, each with challenges ranging from finding enough patients to pull a trial out of rescue mode to providing detailed analytics for presentation to the FDA and NIH. Now, with DirectConnect, we bring our industry-leading toolset to your desktop! With a DirectConnect subscription, your team can log into the iTrials Data Universe and directly create pools of eligible patients in real time, and then generate the answers you need to make your study a success!

DirectConnect works in most browsers, as well as most smartphones and tablets. Reports can be scheduled for delivery by email, and additional report delivery options are available, such as PDF and Microsoft Word documents. For enterprise users, DirectConnect can be rebranded with your logo and layout choices, and reseller licensing is available. Subscriptions are configurable, with each subscription including 7 basic reports, and premium reports can be mixed, matched and added at any time. Or, work with Provisio's Professional Services Group, and have business intelligence generated and delivered directly to your team as soon as it's completed (example analysis targeting populations with Crohn's Disease: 3214S32_DD2_Crohns_Blinded.pdf).


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