The fastest, easiest way to generate critical, data-driven analysis to support your most challenging clinical trial decisions.

  • iTrials statistics Study feasibility. Site identification. Enrollment and retention projections. Investigarot histories.
    All in minutes.
  • iTrials statistics 60M+ Patients...
    1.5M+ Providers...
    120,000+ Active Investigators...
    500B+ Data Points...
  • iTrials information The largest privately held database of longitudinal health histories in the country. Diagnoses, treatments, locations, payers, financials, referrals, outcomes, prescriptions, labs, and more.


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  • iTrials Login Page
  • Protocol Selection
  • Data Pool Selection
  • ICD9/10 Code Management
  • CPT Code Management
  • NDC / Compounds (1)
  • NDC / Compounds (2) - NDC Explorer
  • Define Metro Areas
  • Basic Reports
  • Premium Reports (partial)
  • Report: High Density Practices - specifying parameters
  • Report: High Density Practices Results (partial)
  • Report: High Density Practices - GIS/Map
  • Report: Site Efficacy Analysis (partial)
  • Report: Find Investigators (partial)

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