My Toughest Workout

My Toughest Workout: I have been a habitual over-trainer. For better or worse, I’ve had a “More is More” mentality. I’ve voluntarily chosen physical pain and potential injury in the name of fitness. The faster, harder and heavier, the BETTER. This is what I called fun: Tough Mudder Obstacle Course Races and getting my ass […]

You Want to Change. Where to Start? Fit into Your “Skinny Genes”.”

You want to change. Where to start? Fit into your “skinny genes”. Whether you are new to fitness and a healthy lifestyle, or personal circumstances have pulled you off the wagon, figuring out what to do and where to start can be overwhelming and intimidating. You know what you are currently doing isn’t working for […]

Birds Flock Together, Fish Swim in Schools and Why I like Group Fitness

Birds Flock Together, Fish Swim in Schools and Why I like Group Fitness: We all start somewhere.  I was no exception.  I was in my early 20’s.  I had always been active, before and during college, but I never explored the vast and daunting world of the “Globo-Gym”. The closest I got was in high […]

Why I Ditched the Scale… or, Using Alternative Methods to Track Progress

Why I ditched the scale…or Using alternative methods to track progress With any new health and fitness journey, especially when weight loss is the ultimate goal, it is important to have benchmarks and tools to measure progress to keep you motivated and your momentum moving forward. There is not an easier or more accessible tool […]